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Friday, August 21, 2009

Karen - Month 4

Month 4

I liked my job, but I was getting sick of traveling all the time. Either that, or I was just getting more and more addicted to my girlfriend. Karen was in her 4th month of her “turn around,” and she was going like gangbusters. She had lost almost 30# and become stronger than anyone I had ever been with before. Now she was lifting weight to build muscle, and every time I was back home from a job, I swear I could notice a difference in her body and her strength.

Her shoulders looked wider, there were veins on her arms that looked like little cables, her triceps stood out on her arm when she wasn’t flexing them, her abs were showing the 6 pack fully, things like that.

It was worse that she knew I was missing her body; she would send me email and call me to tell me things. In the last week I had received email about how she let another gym patron stand on her abs.

People were coming up to her and asking her to train them so they could look like her. She was doing sets of 20 pullups, and she was able to do her bodyweight for reps on the squat bar again and again, maxing out at much more.

I had to take a cab home from the airport this time, Karen had to stay late at work. I got back to her apartment and let myself in. By this time I knew there wouldn’t be anything real to eat there, unless I was interested in increasing the amount of protein in my body without carbs. I began to eat the pizza I had brought with me when Karen got home.

“Hi Mark!” she yelled to me as she walked in, “how was the flight this time? Does Atlanta still suck?”

“Good and yes,” I answered back, “it’s still the land of the unending suburb, it’s gross down there. How are you sweetie?”

She walked up behind me and put her head next to mine. “How am I?” she whispered. “I’m strong enough to do this!” She reached in and put her arms under mine, so her elbows were bent at my armpits. She let out a little grunt, lifted me off the couch, and put me down on the ground. My cock went from 0-60 in 3.4 seconds, god DAMN was she getting strong. “Do you think that’s something?” she said to me. “Watch this.”

She turned so we were facing each other and walked up to me. She put her shoulder into my chest and lifted me up onto her shoulder, then did a few squats, down and up, with me on her shoulder. She turned and put me back down.

“Damn, girl,” I said to her, “You think you’re pretty tough huh?”

“Oh I know that,” she said, “I just didn’t think you did, or not that part of it at least. Stephanie has me squatting until I can barely walk, it’s made me gain a lot. That’s not all either, wanna arm wrestle?”

How could I turn this down? Her arms were strong, no doubt about that, but not that strong. Moreover, who cares if she does beat me, I thought to myself, that’d just be a bigger turnon. We went over to the dining room table in her apartment.

“Just so you know,” she said to me, “what you’re up against, check out these fuckin guns!” She pulled her shirt off and flexed each bicep for me. The definition was amazing, she had lost even more weight it looked like, and her arms had probably gotten bigger too. She looked really strong, and so, so sexy. I could feel the cum deep inside me quiver a little looking at her. We clasped arms on her dining room table. I said Go! and we began.

I have never had an armwrestling match where I’ve worked so hard. You either win them or not, but this one was pretty evenly matched. I know this isn’t the crazy fantasy it could be, but keep in mind that 3 months ago, her arm would have gone down like a wet sock. She was able to become strong enough to almost match me in 3 months. I pushed as hard as I could, and it was clear that I was working harder than she was, my face was much redder than hers.

“Are you OK!” she said to me. “You look like you’re going to burst.” She giggled. “Is little Karen too strong for her big man?” I pushed her harder, and began to put my weight behind it. Slowly, she went down. She looked at her arm for a second, and slowly turned her head towards me.

She looked at me. “You lost Mark.”

I looked back at her, “what do you mean?” She looked at me, a direct stare that changed into a smile.

“Think about it Mark. Your face was much redder than mine. You had to work really hard, and throw your weight behind it, just to win. I just used the strength in my upper body to almost beat you; I didn’t have to use my weight. I’m stronger than you are Mark. It doesn’t matter that you won. The look in your eyes was enough. You’ve seen my body change Mark, and now you’ve felt how strong I am, and you know I’m going to get stronger.”

She smiled coyly at me, “pretty soon I’m going to win, again and again and again, in a couple months, that extra weight on your body isn’t going to save you from my muscles, from my strength. The look in your eyes proved it. This is one of the last times you’re going to be stronger than me in anything Mark, and you know it.” She stared at me hard, and I felt a little intimidated by her tone and confidence.

She put both hands on the table and flexed her triceps and shoulder, sending a ripple through the muscle. “I’m pretty benevolent honey,” she looked at me after looking at her arms, “so you don’t have anything to worry about, I just want you to know one of the last times you were stronger than me.”

She stared at me again, looking deep inside my eyes. She got up from the table and put her hands on the edges, sending a ripple up the muscles of her arms and into her deep shoulders. The entire time she stared directly into my eyes, flexing her upper body.

She took her hands off the table and walked around to me, pushing my chair back. She partially knelt down, so her eyes were even with mine, holding her stare the entire time.

“Now Mark, tell me you want to fuck me, tell me you want to fuck your strong sexy girlfriend, you want to bury yourself inside her strong muscle body, and cum deep inside it, as she cums all over you.” I stared back at her, my eyes telling her what she wanted to hear.

“Tell me I’m sexy,” she said to me. “Tell me how hot it made you to see my sexy muscles quiver and twist when we arm wrestled, tell me how sexy my muscles are, they’re smaller than yours but they’re so much harder and stronger. Tell me how sexy it is that I’m so strong.”

She grabbed me and we both stood up. We walked towards the bedroom, me backwards and her forwards, both staring at each other the entire time.

We got into the bedroom and I fell backwards on the bed, she jumped on top of me and hit a double bicep right away. “See these guns Mark! See these fucking guns!” she said to me, “tell me my ripped arms are sexy.”

“They’re amazing honey,” I replied to her, “You’re amazing, your body is amazing, you’re so sexy.”

“How sexy am I?” she said to me. “I want you to lick my sexy arms Mark, lick them, feel how hard they are with your tongue. I want you to lick my arms until I get so hot I can’t take it.”

I have never done something so sensual in my entire life. As Karen flexed her arms for me, I licked them from finger to shoulder. Her body had changed so much, her arms had gone from being cute and sexy to rippling and full of sharp veins.

I began with each finger, then ran my tongue down her wrist and forearm, passing over the veins that ran up her forearm. Her biceps were getting really round and starting to stand high off her arm. I licked each bicep slowly, going all the way around from the top to the bottom near her armpit. Her triceps were hard as rock, she rippled them as I licked them slowly and sensually.

Karen moaned and groaned the entire time, getting hotter and hotter. “Oh honey, I want to lie on top of you,” she said to me. “I want you to lie on your back and me on my back, so you can feel my back muscles flex. I want to jerk myself off on top of you, and cum all over your cock. I want you to wrap your legs around mine and try to hold me in place when I start to cum. I want you to feel my ripped body on top of yours.” She jumped up from lying on the bed and I got down, her on top of me.

She went nice and slow, it took her nearly 10 minutes to cum. I held her legs down with mine easily until she started to orgasm. Had Karen and I leg wrestled it would have been no contest, it was all I could do to follow her legs as they moved with mine, holding her legs down for more than bit had moved beyond my control. I grabbed her abs and bit her shoulders as she orgasmed, making her scream and gush all over my throbbing cock. Her shoulders were so hard, with a thickness in the hardness I had never felt before.

Karen finished and flipped herself over. She stared at me hard, it was intimidating. “You should bite me and hold me down everytime I jerk off,” she said, “I don’t remember the last time an orgasm from jerking off felt that good.”

She pressed her hard body down against mine on the bed, I felt the muscles in her thighs twitching. She slid herself down onto my awaiting cock. “Oh God honey it still feels good, I can still feel waves of joy in my pussy, oh baby” she said to me. “Oh honey, I’m going to fuck you all slowly and softly, and make you crazy.”

She arched her back and rode on top of me, flexing her entire upper body, moving her hips slowly, pushing hard against my hips. “Here honey, take a look at your girlfriend’s super sexy body.”

Without losing her hip rhythm, she struck a most muscular pose, and then flexed each bicep. I put my hands on her abs and pushed on them, feeling their stiffness. She felt the head of my cock growing in preparation for orgasm, and smiled.

“Cum in me Mark, I want you to cum in me, do it now” she said. She began to squeeze her vaginal muscles rhythmically, pumping up the head of my cock. Her squeeze was harder than I had ever felt, I looked up and saw her abs rippling with each squeeze. It was almost too much.

I grabbed her and pulled her close to me as I blew my load inside her, screaming her name. I could feel a solid layer of hard muscle on her back, from her shoulders all the way down to her ass. I grabbed her ass as hard as I could and didn’t make it budge. She came again, covering me in her beautiful juices.

We laid in bed, her on top of me. She quickly feel asleep, as I laid thinking about how Karen had more or less beaten me in arm wrestling tonight, then made me worship her body afterwards, leading to the hottest sex I had ever had in my life.

I wrapped my arms around her body as it laid on top of me. Even when she was passed out, it was obvious her body had changed. There wasn’t really any softness left, and in some places there was a pretty decent buildup. Her arms and legs were amazing, and even when unflexed, her back had filled out and widened with muscle.

There was no real stopping her, she was lifting more and more, and getting stronger and stronger.

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