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Friday, August 21, 2009

Karen - Month 3

Month 3

I know that I complain about my job sometimes, the amount of traveling I have to do, but really, it’s not so bad. The work is interesting, keeps getting more interesting, I get to see cool places all the time, I get paid well, and in a way it’s nice to split up seeing Karen, especially this new Karen that I’m seeing, this muscular Karen. The fact that I travel so much makes it all the better to see her. I don’t see her all the time, so I notice the differences in her body more easily, and when I do see her all she wants to do is see me and have sex. I’ve got to say, it’s not half bad.

The latest trip took me away to New York for 3 weeks. The work was hard, but my team did a great job, we were able to finish ahead of schedule. That meant I had an extra week off before my next job, and our client gave each team member a $1000 bonus, in cash. I bought Karen a couple nice dresses from some designer I’d never heard of, and brought them back to SF with me.

When she picked me up and the airport, she was wearing a hoodie with a gym logo on it. “You’re really taking this seriously aren’t you?” I said to her, “this whole working out thing?”

“I sure am,” she said, “and it shows too. I’ve made more progress this month than ever before, and I was awarded with an extra month of membership for being the ‘most improved’ client at the gym. Stephanie changed my diet around, and I’ve been able to lose a lot more weight this month, 15 lbs. I started running more too. Now I run in the morning before work, 5 miles a day, 5 days a week, and I’ve started doing cardio kickboxing. I’m going to be at my 6 month goal in only 5 months if I keep going.”

“That’s great,” I said, “I’m glad that you like this so much!”

“I like you so much silly, it’s because of you that I get to do this, you got it for me initially, I never would have thought to do this on my own, it’s all you’re fault! You started this whole process. Did you think that you would start the process of building your girlfriend’s body into a solid rock of muscle, that right now can only think of riding on top of you till she screams and cums gallons all over you? Did you? Huh?”

We got back to her apartment and I was hungry. I went into her kitchen to look for food, and was shocked. Her cupboards were full of brown rice, protein powder, and bottles of supplements. She had stocked her fridge with chicken and veggies.

There was no more coffeemaker, pizza, cookies, ice cream, or even crackers. She had turned her kitchen into a muscle growth laboratory. “Come in the bedroom and see what you’re missing honey!” she said to me. I ran in and my jaw dropped.

Her training must have gotten more intense. She had a bunch of candles lit, and in the candle light, her body didn’t look like hers. She had changed more in this past month than I had seen before. “I reached the middle point honey, do you like what you see?” she said, as she hit a double bicep pose for me, and quickly switched to a lat spread.

The fat on her body was gone; I stopped for a minute and added it up…she had lost 25 lbs, she was 5 lbs away from the goal she had set, in only 3 months. She had tightened up her entire body too, so she had probably actually lost 30 lbs. of fat, and had just gained muscle mass in the process.

When she hit her double bicep, her arms jumped to life, I could see what had been small bumps a couple months ago were now lean defined lumps of muscle on her arms. There was a faint line, forming a V on either side of her upper body, separating her growing chest from her rippling arms.

I could see small veins on her forearms popping out, and a faint line down her chest. When she hit her lat spread, her entire upper body seems to fill out as her lats moved into place; her back must be twice as strong as it was when she started. Her abs had been flat before, I could now see a distinct line down the middle, and the first two of the six pieces of muscle sticking out. Her entire upper body was rippling with muscle, and even though she had toned everything up, her boobs were still more or less the same size.

She saw me staring at them, “they’ve always been that way, aren’t you lucky!” she said. “No matter how ripped I was in college, my boobs never got below a solid B cup, never ever. If they do this time, I’ll just get you buy me some fake ones, how’s that for a compromise! If you think they look nice, watch this!”

She began to flex her pecs and make her boobs bounce. My jaw just hung open, and my cock began to bulge so much it hurt in my pants, I could almost feel the cum dripping out of it. Up and down, up and down, as she wanted them to move, up and down.

She hit a double bicep again and bounced them for me. Then she stopped and looked down at her abs. “Watch this! I can do 500 situps now, Stephanie says she has never seen someone’s stomach get so strong so fast!” She hit her abs with her hand open, there was a ‘whud’ sound, but they didn’t move at all. Whud whud whud, nothing, no movement.

“In the kickboxing class we take turns hitting each other, for practice. I’m good at it, I had a guy hit me with gloves on 5 times earlier this week and I barely felt anything! Come and try it, hit my abs! I told you they’d get this ripped, hit my abs!”

“I don’t want to, that’d hurt you sweetie,” I said, “besides, we don’t have gloves here.” “I don’t care, it won’t hurt because you won’t hit me hard enough, hit my abs, hit them you wuss!” She ran at me and grabbed my hand and slapped it across her midsection hard. My hand stung a bit, but her abs just sat, motionless, as if nothing happened.

“Hit my abs or I’m going to hit yours!” she yelled at me, “do it! Hit my abs! Come on you wimpy little man! Hit my fucking rock hard abs!” Being called a wimp made me a little mad, so I made a fist and hit her abs, hard enough to make her shut up, I thought.

The look on my face matched my reaction. I hit her abs hard, hard enough to make me hurt had I hit myself, and she just stood there and took it, barely flinching. “Tell me that’s not sexy!” she said. “I’m only in my 3rd month, wait till the end of the 6th, you’re going to be no match for me then, you’re barely a match for me now! Hit them again, do it!”

I did, and she took it. I did it again and again, a total of 5 times, and each time she stood there and took it, barely taking a step back. My cock had grown so much it hurt in my pants, and I shuffled around a bit. “Oh, is this exciting to you?” she said. “Do you like the fact that your short girlfriend has abs of solid rock? That’s not all, feel these guns too, they’re all business.”

She grabbed my hand and pressed it against her biceps. I tried to squeeze her biceps, but they wouldn’t move, I couldn’t budge them in at all. “Yeah, that’s right, I’m ripped now Mark, and you made me ripped. You made me all ripped and sexy, and you love it, and now your ripped sexy Karen is going to reward you, are you ready?”

Without letting me speak, she picked me up, fully off the ground, and turned around and deposited me on the bed. She then looked at me and jumped into bed too, on top of me. I loved it when she was on top, but this time it was different, this time it felt different. It was as if she was on top because she wanted to be there.

Had I wanted to be on top it wouldn’t have mattered, she was on top, and unless I could overpower her, she was going to stay on top. She rolled off of me and pointed at her crotch, “it’s all sweaty and hot, just how you like it,” she said, “get down there and make me scream.” I complied gladly. She came buckets all over my face and in my mouth, it was hot and salty and wonderful, I loved the way her cum tasted.

She squeezed my head, telling me to stop. I climbed up on top of her and she kissed me, getting her cum all over her mouth. As I climbed on top of her and looked down at her, I could almost feel the cum dripping out of my cock. She lay below me, bulging shoulders twitching, horseshoe triceps on either arm, with her long dark hair thrown all around her face.

Her whole body was twitching, the muscles were excited and full of blood, it was almost as if they were electrified. I could see her abs contracted as she breathed in and out quickly, almost like an animal. “Fuck me Mark, put you cock deep inside me and fuck me till I scream,” she said, “I’m going to squeeze your cock till you scream, and you’re not going to cum until I cum, and we’re going to scream together Mark. Fuck my brains out Mark, fuck me till I can’t see straight.”

I thrust my cock inside her and began to pump back and forth, back and forth, feeling her get wetter and wetter. “Fuck me Mark, fuck my rock solid body, put your dick so deep in me I can feel it in my abs, my ripped punchable abs. Fuck me Mark, fuck me so deep and hard, fuck me till I can’t see straight, fuck this hot ripped body that was made for you. Fuck me Mark.”

She kept whispering to me until we both came together. I cried out louder than I ever have before, all her neighbors must have known I was back. We finished and lay together, I fell asleep stroking her hard thighs and feeling her muscular arms in the dark.

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