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Friday, August 21, 2009

Karen - Month 3.2

Month 3.2

I laid in bed, still trying to take it all in…I was in disbelief. I was a guy who had always had something of a muscle fetish. I remember being 11 years old and being really attracted to this girl Julie who was 2 grades above me. She was a gymnast and was good at it, as I remember.

I remember watching her do one armed pullups in gym class, and watching her once wrestle a boy to the ground for making fun of one of her friends. Her body was so strong, so sexy. And now here I was, lying in bed with a girl who was well on her way to turning her body upside down, and who had just told me she used to jerk off and think about the other girls on her college team and how sexy their strong bodies were?

It was amazing. We had been dating now for close to 8 months, and there was no doubt in my mind that Karen loved me, but this was almost too good to be true! It was as if she had reached into my head and pulled out the fantasy I hadn’t dared to dream!

“What are you thinking about,” she rolled over and asked me, “the insane orgasm you just gave me?”

“I kinda am honestly,” I said, “and I’m thinking about how it’s just crazy that you have changed so much in the past couple months, it’s amazing, your body is incredible.”

“What is your favorite part?” she asked me. She got up on her knees in bed. “Is it this?” She flexed her abs and hit herself in the stomach, grinning as her hand bounced off her hard abs.

“Or these?” She hit a double bicep pose for me, stopping to kiss each arm before she stopped. “Or maybe what’s under these?” she said as she made both her boobs dance up and down for me, flexing her pecs one at a time.

“I think it’s just all of it together, honestly,” I said. “It’s just amazing to me that you’ve done so much work and come so far in only a few months!”

She had come so far in a few months. When Karen started, she was about 150 lbs, probably 20% bodyfat or so. Now, she had to be down to 125 lbs. at most, and the bodyfat had been cut in half, at minimum.

Her arms were bumpy and full of sinews, I could see veins running up and down her forearms, her pecs had gotten bigger but her boobs hadn’t really shrunk, she had 4 of the 6 packs clearly visible in her stomach, and her legs were smooth and hard. She had truly turned herself upside down. “I like my arms most, and my back,” she said, “my back especially. Even when I was totally ripped in college, I could barely manage 10 pullups. Now I can do a couple sets of 10, Stephanie is brutal, and man does she get results.”

“She certainly has with you,” I said to her, “does she have other clients, or just you?” “She has others, but not many. I think she comes from money,” Karen said, “she never seems to worry about it, and she endless time to sculpt that rock of a body she has.”

Karen looked away for a minute after talking about Stephanie’s body.” “Are you thinking about how sexy you think your trainer’s body is?” I asked her with a raised eyebrow, although the answer was obvious. “

“I can’t lie to you, honey,” she said, “while you were gone last time for work I’d come home and jerk off after watching Stephanie work out with me. I’ve never seen someone like her, she’s 5’6”, weighs 125 lbs, and can bench 170 for what seems like forever, dozens of times, she never gets tired! Last week I watched her do 200 situps in a row, and I’ve spotted her doing squats with 200 lbs on the bar! I mean, pro bodybuilders can do all that, but she doesn’t look like one of them, she looks really fit, but not huge. I’ve never seen someone who isn’t gigantic be as strong as she is.”

“You’ve thought about her quite a bit!” I said with a laugh. My expression changed…”what do you think about when you jerk off?”

“I think about her being in bed with me,” Karen said, “holding me down. I try to get away, but she’s way too strong for me, I can’t move. She holds me down, then she lets me punch her abs over and over again, laughing at me b/c I can’t hurt her. Then she lets me lick her legs, front and back, put my tongue in all the grooves made by the separations in her quads and hamstrings. Then she bites my nipples and makes me scream. That’s usually as far as I get, I usually cum way before I ever get to that point. I never think about sex, and we never kiss, I just worship her body, her fucking rock hard body.”

“Wow,” I said, “you just get better and better don’t you, Karen!”

“Why,” she said to me, “because I create the moment for you?” She was looking down at the sheets and my firm hardon poking through them.

“It looks like you’d be just as happy as me if Stephanie were holding you down! That’d be fine with me, as long as I could watch the 2 of you!” I looked at her for more than a few seconds. Had she just said what I think she’d said? She just gave me the go ahead to try and hook it up with her personal trainer, provided she could watch?

What the hell alternate dimension do I walk into when I step through the door into my girlfriend’s apartment, I thought to myself. Not that I’d ever have a chance to do that; even if I did I don’t think I could carry through with it.

“Stop thinking and start paying attention to me!” Karen said to me. “That wang of yours was at full attention a moment ago, don’t these make it happy?” she said as she hit a double bicep. She grabbed me and wrapped her arms around mine so her biceps were in my armpits and her hands were under my head. Then she wrapped her legs around my legs.

“How sexy am I now, sir!” she said to me as she flexed her entire body. Her biceps dug into my armpits, and I could feel her forearms on either side of my head. Her legs, grapevined around mine, twisted mine up. My cock stood up instantly. “That’s what I’m talking about, you listen well, sir,” she said to me smoothly as she raised her hips and lowered them onto my cock.

Then, she did the sexiest thing she had ever done to me: she began to flex her entire body in rhythm, and her ass made her hips move up and down just enough to rub the tip and shaft of my engorged cock. It only took about 2 minutes, her biceps and her legs and her forearms and her abs were too much stimulation, I came all over inside her, yelping as I went.

“That’s a good boy,” she said to me, “momma made it better?”

“Yes m’am you did,” I replied lazily. “Just keep in mind what this body can do Mark,” Karen said. “Keep being nice to it and it’s only going to be able to treat you better, and better.”

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