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Friday, August 21, 2009

Karen - Month 1

Month 1

We had been dating for about 6 months when it started. We met when I was 26 and she was 25, through mutual friends. We were both done with college and had jobs and were happy, or mostly happy. Karen had been quite an athlete in college, or so I was told. On the volleyball team and a track runner, she stayed in shape all year.

However, after college she had stopped exercising regularly, and had gone from her ‘normal’ 5’4” 120 lbs. to about 150 lbs. I still thought she was gorgeous; brown wavy/curly hair, beautiful pouty lips, a great smile, soft brown eyes, a round ass, and full boobs. She was one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen. Karen’s smile was infectious, her laugh was loud, she liked the same stuff I did, our personalities just clicked. It was great.

She however didn’t always see it that way, she would often lament about how she used to “look so good,” or used to be “so buff.” I’ve always been attracted to strong athletic women, some visible muscle tone is sexy. I had just gotten a raise and promotion at my job, and decided for her birthday to buy us both a gym membership, and buy her 4 months of personal training.

She was ecstatic, telling me that I wouldn’t recognize her in 4 months, she was going to be a different person. I encouraged her of course, telling her I would exercise with her, eat better with her, and other stuff. I didn’t really believe it, but I thought it would be better for me, and it’d make her happy, so it’d be a good idea. I was much more right than I thought I was.

We went together a few times to the gym after she began her personal training, but I dropped off afterwards. My work schedule was getting more demanding, and I was traveling more often, so I was unable to go as much as I wanted. She understood and was accepting of that, it was nice.

After two weeks, she hung up a picture in her apartment next to where a small set of light weights and her yoga mat is. It was a picture of a woman who wasn’t just in shape, this woman was ripped. She was making a most muscular pose, and I could see every muscle in her upper body. This woman had pecs bigger than mine, the line between them was thick and defined.

Her biceps and triceps jumped off the page, leading to shoulders that popped off of her. Her abs looked like plating over her stomach. The look on her face was powerful, her eyes were dark and intimidating, as if to tell me that she knew she was stronger, and could do whatever she wanted, daring me to stop her.

“What’s that, inspiration?” I asked.

“Yup, that’s what I’m going to look like in 6 months. Last time I was at the gym I paid for another 3 months of training, so I’ve got 7 months total, but it’ll only take me 6 months to look like that,” Karen said.

“Are you serious?” I said, “That woman is huge! Your goal is to look like that, whoa!”

“Yeah, that’s my goal,” Karen said, “and I’m going to get there, just you wait. I looked sort of like that at my peak in college. I weighed 120 lbs. and could leg press 350 lbs. for reps. I could leg press more than boys almost a foot taller than me. This time, I’m going to get even more buff than that. When I was in college our team would work out really hard for 2 months before the season started. I would get lean as hell and really cut, you could see my six pack, you’ve just never seen any pictures. This time I have 7 months, I’m going to look like I did, but be a lot stronger, you just wait and see.”

This was something I just didn’t believe. I liked athletic women, but this was beyond athletic, and the thought that Karen would look like that or could look like that was amazing to me. It turned me on to no end to think about it, I often jerked off in the shower thinking about it, but it wasn’t realistic, at least not right away.

After about a month and a half, my opinion started to change. Karen was getting more and more serious about exercising. I was traveling more often for work, so I didn’t see her as much, and when I did it was clear that her body was changing. I remember in the middle of the second month, I had been gone for over a week working out West, and she picked me up from the airport.

She gave me a hug that was shocking; she easily squeezed me harder than she ever had before, and for a long time. My face registered the shock for her. “Was that too hard?” she said?

“Not at all, I’m just glad to see you,” I replied.

“Riiight,” she said, “glad to see me and a little surprised that your girl is getting stronger. Can you tell? My trainer Stephanie has been working my upper body a lot in the past two weeks, she says I’m making a lot of gains in my chest and upper back. She says I’m coming along nicely. You’ll see, just wait a little longer, I’m gonna kick your ass pretty soon!”

“Whatever,” I said, “take me home.”

We went back to her apartment, and I was surprised again. I hadn’t been there for over a month, I’m out of town a lot and we usually stay at my apartment. The walls in her sunroom have many more posters and fliers showing different exercises.

She had also bought more weights to use at home, and she had more pictures of muscular women on the walls of the room. I looked at a chart on her wall where she had written her progress down; she had gone from 147 lbs. to 137 lbs, from a size 13 to a size 12. She yelled at me to come into her bedroom. I walked in and was surprised again. She was standing in the bedroom, lit only by candlelight. Even in the darkness I could see her body has slimmed up.

She had lost weight in her legs, her stomach wasn’t as large, and her arms were more slender. “This is still the time when I’m losing weight; Stephanie says it’ll take another month before you’ll begin to see any of the muscle growth.” She flexed both biceps, and I could see there was definition in her arms that wasn’t there before. She grabbed me and dragged me into bed and we made love.

This time was the best sex she and I had ever had. She had more energy than ever before, and all the situps she had done had clearly tightened her pussy, she was able to squeeze my cock like nothing I had ever felt before, at one point she squeezed her pussy and my cock slide right out! She was one top and grabbed my shoulders, I was able to feel a new strength in her hands.

She rode me until she had cum 3 times, then I came inside her and she screamed. “Wow, that was amazing,” I said, “that was the best sex I’ve ever had.” “Did you like it,” she said? “It was good, you’re right, you like my tighter pussy, your eyes told me that right away!” “Well that’s hard to hide, your situps have paid off nicely, that’s for sure,” I said. “Just you wait, sexy boy,” she said, “In a couple more months you’re not going to remember this, my pussy will be so tight you’re not going to be able to get in unless I want you there!”

I kissed her forehead, she kissed me, and we fell asleep.

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