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Friday, August 21, 2009

Karen - Month 3.1

Month 3.1

I woke up before Karen did. I rolled over and kissed her, remembering last night. Last night I had truly realized how strong she was getting, how much her body had changed, and this morning, after I thought for a second, I almost shivered when I realized she was only about halfway done with “the transformation” as she called it.

I kissed her again and rolled out of bed. She moved behind me and grabbed my arm. “Where do you think you’re going?” she said. “My kitty needs another rub.”

“I need to get up and check my email to make sure the office is actually going to follow through with the time off they promised, you know they have a 1:4 ratio of follow through with that.”

“Oh really,” she said, “You’re going to get up, now? I don’t think so, I need kitty rubbed first.”

Her hand clamped down on my arm hard. I tried to pull away, but I had to drag her along with me. “Oh really?” she said. She grabbed me with her other hand, and pulled me close enough to get one of her legs around mine. She hooked her leg around mine and pulled me back into bed easily.

I was able to get away after struggling, but it seemed to take a lot more effort on my part, and almost seemed to end b/c she wanted it to. “I’m going to let you go,” she said, “but only b/c I want you to be successful sweetie, and I wanted to show you that I can almost get what I want. Gimme another month and I’m going to be able to be the boss if I want to be.”

I went and checked my email and Karen got up and went into the sunroom. I finished quickly, the company had earned a 3:5 rating by actually allowing me to have the day off today, kick ass. I walked into the sunroom and found her doing pullups. “When did you put the pullup bar in here dear?” I asked her as I watched the muscle twist and ripple across her back.

“About—five—two weeks ago—six—I think,” she said to me between reps. She was able to talk without breaking her form and flow of workout, and proceeded to crank out 15 total, while telling me about new exercises she had started doing.

“Stephanie has been moving my routine around a lot lately; I’ve lost almost all the weight now, and I’ve started doing all kinds of new exercises. She’s making me do a lot of work to failure now, and I’ve started using heavier weights and doing more reps at the same time. She says I’m going to build muscle and get stronger in the next 2 months. I’m doing a lot of pushups and dips, and deadlifts and power-cleans. My upper body has pretty much caught up she thinks, and now we’re going to turn my legs into rock, my quads and hamstrings are going to get ripped soon.”

She looked at me coyly. “I’m going to do more pullups, will you get the video camera and tape me doing them?” I grabbed her camera and taped her doing 15 more pullups, then 50 pushups.

The musculature in her back was amazing, her lats had gotten really defined and her waist was getting really small, her delts and traps had started to jump off her back. She finished and grabbed my hand and lead me into her bedroom. “Plug the camera into the DVD player, I want to watch myself working out,” she said. I plugged it in and we watched her crank out 15 slow and steady pullups, and then 50 pushups.

Part of the way through the pushups, she reached under her bed and grabbed a box. “Hmm, I know this sounds narcissistic, but I love my body, I love it so much. When I was in college I used to come home after working out with the team and masturbate thinking about myself and the other girls working out.

I had a boyfriend the entire time, and I never, you know, made out with any of them or ever wanted to, but my body and their bodies, they were so hot, so sexy, so strong. Also, I had a couple things to help me out.”

She opened the box and pulled out a big dildo, a vibrator, and a bottle of lube. “Here, I want you to help me jerk off while we watch this video of me working out,” she said.

I just looked at her, dumbfounded. She looked back at me and got a scared look in her eyes. “This isn’t crazy and weird, is it? I mean, you don’t think I’m some kind of freak do you?” she said pleadingly.

“Um, no I don’t,” I replied, “I’ve just never thought about something like this, and I gotta admit, it does seem a little too good to be true. I mean, a girl like you who likes to masturbate while thinking about her own body? Are you sure there’s not a dude somewhere inside there?” I said, looking at her. “That’s the kinda stuff I would want to do!”

“Yeah well, I’ve had a muscle fetish for a long time,” she said. “I’ve been attracted to people with muscle, guys or girls, since I was about 9 years old or so. I’ve obviously learned there’s a lot more to the person you’re dating than their body, so I guess it’s kinda become internalized, I just think about myself. When I didn’t have a boyfriend in college, it wasn’t a problem; I’d just masturbate and touch my legs and abs.”

I couldn’t fucking believe this. I mean, this had to be too good to be true. I have a girl whose body has become a piece of iron over the past few months, who now wants me to jerk her off while she watches herself work out b/c it turns her on so much?

I wondered if someone or something would appear in a puff of smoke if I held up my hand and said Check Please! “Is this OK honey?” she asked me.

“Um, sorry sweetie, I’m just still kinda processing through the idea that you just asked me to do what most dudes wouldn’t have the guts to dream about,” I said. The expression on her face changed, her eyes narrowed and she shot me a smokey smile.

“Good, now get that vibrator down there and fuck me with it Mark, I want you to rub it all slow along my clit at first, then faster and faster; it has different speeds. When I start to moan, grab my dildo and stick it inside me and start to pump it back and forth. I want you to fuck me with it till I beg you to stop, then I want you to stick your cock deep inside me and try to hold me down. I’m going to resist, but try to hold me down. Me using my muscles like that makes me crazy, it’ll give me an orgasm so strong I’ll squeeze you cock right out of me. I had a boyfriend that I tried to do this with once, but he was a lot smaller than you and I threw him off the bed. You can handle me, at least for now,” she giggled.

I used Karen’s toys while we watched her working out on TV. I had never heard her scream so much, or get so wet. She begged me to stop using her toys, and grabbed me and pulled me down on top of her. I could feel the hard muscles in her arms and shoulders pressing me against her hard chest and abs.

“I want you to fuck me Mark, I’m going to try and stop you” she said to me slowly and quietly. I did as I was told and she proved to be stronger than I had imagined, especially when she was all turned on like this. Her legs had become a lot stronger than I had imagined, and it was hard to hold down her arms and keep her from moving.

After fighting back for nearly 15 minutes she collapsed and screamed at me to put my cock deep inside her and filled her up. It took me about 5 seconds of pumping back and forth to blow my load deep inside her.

As we laid together in bed, I thought about what had just happened. It was as if the entire thing had been a dream. Was this really happening? Had I just gotten to jerk my girlfriend off while I watched her do pullups on TV, then had her show me her strength while we made love?

I thought back to us meeting in a bar 7 months ago, I was either going to talk to her, or another girl I had seen when I walked in, damn did I make the right decision.

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