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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stephanie II

This is chapter two of the encounter between myself and Stephanie, my girlfriend's personal trainer.

Stephanie and I drove back to Karen’s condo in silence. Here I am, being driven home by my girl’s trainer, after she’s just grabbed my junk and forced herself on me. I thought to myself, Karen must know about this, right. “Stephan – “ I started. “Mark, shut your mouth,” she said, cutting me off. “No talking. I’m thinking about what we’re going to do, don’t make me lose focus. You don’t want to make me lose focus, it’ll make me angry. You don’t want that, Mark.” God, the intensity in this woman was frightening. It was exhilarating at the same time, but scary, too.

We got to Karen’s condo quickly. Stephanie grabbed her bag out of the back seat, threw on a hoodie, grabbed my bag, and walked inside. Stephanie stood facing me in Karen’s living room. “Stephanie, where’s Karen? What’s going on? This is all fucked up, what’s going on?” Stephanie stared me down, and smiled. “Don’t worry, Mark, because it’s not really up to you,” Stephanie said to me. “Karen told me to pick you up from the airport, she told me to bring you back to her condo. Last month she told me that you thought my body was sexy, and she told me to bring you back here and videotape you worshiping my body.” “I don’t believe you,” I said to her. “I told you I wanted to call her, this is really freaky Stephanie, what the fuck?” “Wow,” Stephanie said. “You are so lucky, Karen knows you so well. She told me to do it this way, because you’d be uptight like this, and it’ll be much better video.” She stared at me.

She walked towards me, eyes on my eyes the entire time. Her stare was intense, and intimidating. I had seen her body once before, and unless it looked completely different, Stephanie and I both knew she could make short work of me if she wanted to. As she walked towards me she pulled her tear away pants off, revealing her legs. She kept staring at me as she walked towards me. Stephanie was ripped to shreds. She wasn’t very bulky, but her entire body was tight and toned; I remember the separations in her legs, arms, shoulders, and abs being stark. Veins ran up and down her body like little cables. Stephanie wasn’t bulky like a heavy bodybuilder, but her body was all muscle, intimidating, and sexy as hell.

I looked down at my cock, growing and bulging at the thought of what was probably about to happen, and then stared at her legs. Her legs were cut to pieces; her quads bulged out near her waist and tapered down like triangles towards her knees. I could see lines running through them, they snapped with each slow step she took. “You think your girlfriend’s legs are strong?” Stephanie barked at me. “She and I lift together all the time Mark. Karen is stronger than you, but I put her ass to shame with a squat bar and on a hip sled. My legs could crack your ribs Mark, easily.”

I swallowed hard at the thought of that. There really wasn’t much I could do. Stephanie was stronger than I was, and looked determined to do whatever it was she was going to do. The determination and confidence in her eyes was powerful, and eerie. “Are you thinking about it more?” she said to me, “are you realizing there isn’t anything you can do but worship my powerful body? What are you going to do Mark, run away from me? I’ll catch you for sure, and, do you really want to? Karen told me that you thought I was sexy, don’t you want to feel my muscles up close, lick them, suck on my nipples while I bounce my tits for you? I’m going to wrap my legs around you and squeeze you, big guy. Your arms are bigger than mine, but don’t be deceived, I’m stronger than you. Do you think you can beat me in armwrestling? I’ll let you use both arms if one of yours isn’t enough.”

Stephanie smiled as she continued to stare me down. “Yeah, sweetie. Keep thinking about you worshiping my body. I’m no novice at this sort of thing, Mark,” she said, smiling. “We’re going to start with a little education. I’m going to show you how much stronger, harder, and tougher I am. When you’re all tired and run down, and I’m still ready for more, you’re going to make me bellow. And it’s all going to be on camera.”

She took a step towards me, and pulled her hoodie over her head to take it off. As soon as she had it over her head, I turned and reached quickly for my phone. She pulled her hoodie off and looked right at me. “I turn around for a second and off you go, huh? OK, fine.” She walked towards me until we were inches apart, and pushed me backwards, towards the living room wall. She roughly pushed me up against the wall, using one hand to hold me in place, and grabbing my right wrist with the other hand. She squeezed my wrist; her hand was like a vice. “Drop the phone, Mark, now.” She was so strong; there wasn’t anything I could do to resist. She grabbed my crotch, hard, squeezing everything down there. I winced visibly, her hands were small, but really strong. “DON’T do that again, Mark,” she said to me, flatly. “You’re not calling Karen. You’re not calling anyone. You’re not going anywhere. I’m going to go turn on the camera, and so help me god if you try to do something stupid, well, trust me I will beat the fuck out of you. And then I’ll make you worship me anyway.”

She let go of my balls and took a step back. “See how easy that was, sweetheart? I threw you up against the wall, was there ever a point where you could have done anything other than move backwards?” She looked at me. “WAS THERE?” I looked back at her. “No, there wasn’t, Stephanie,” I said, looking at her, swallowing hard. “You’re damn right there wasn’t, Mark. That’s the first thing you’ve learned today. When you’re with me, I’m the boss, period. I used to do powerlifting for fun, when I was younger. My chest and back don’t aren’t that huge, but that clearly doesn’t matter, does it little man. I’m half your size, and my pecs would crush yours.” She took a step back, flexed her pecs. Under the tight workout clothing she was wearing, her chest bounced to life. She pounded her fists against them, one after another. Her entire arm bunched up as she hit her pecs, but her pecs absorbed each blow without budging.

“Now we learn more, Mark. You’re a guy, you’re supposed to have this big burly chest that little girls like me just love. Well, not today. My chest is bigger and stronger than yours, and you’re going to learn that, right now. Punch your own pecs, Mark, do it, just like I did.” I flexed my chest, and hit myself. It hurt. “Do it again, pussy,” Stephanie said to me. “Harder this time, when you take your shirt off there’d better be a mark, Mark.” I did it again, harder this time. “Good,” she said. “Now I want you to hit my chest, hard. Do it. I can take it, don’t worry tough guy.” I hit her chest, and my fists just bounced off it, again and again. “Now it’s my turn,” she said. She closed her palm and hit my chest. It didn’t look like she put that much effort in, but it hurt. Bad. I stepped back. “See, honey?” She said to me. “My chest can take it, again and again. I hit you once, and you stepped back.” She stared up and me and smiled, and bounced her pecs a couple times, giggling. “I hope you appreciate this, Mark. I really do. I know it’s hard the first time, this time, but trust me, when I’m done with Karen, this is what you’re going to get, all the time. So, it’s going to hurt a little, the first couple times, but anything good does, right? When I’m done with Karen, she’s going to be the hottest, strongest, most sex crazed woman you’ll ever meet, and she’s going to be all yours.”

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