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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sarah - Part 1

Part one of an encounter with the wonderfully strong Sarah

It was three months after the start of my first year of college. The classes weren’t hard, which freed up more time to have fun, party, and meet people. My roommate and I got along famously, and had met lots of people so far. Last weekend, my roommate had met a cute girl, Jenn, at a keg party. They had hit it off, he had laid pipe, it was the following Friday, and we were heading to Jenn’s house for a pre-party before a keg party.

I met Sarah at Jenn’s house. I walked in, and saw her immediately. She was about 5’8”, long wavy blond hair, bright green eyes, small perky breasts, and a huge smile. She looked fairly fit, but it was hard to tell. Jenn saw that I was checking her out, and introduced us. We hit it off fairly quickly; she was funny, thought I was funny, and had a lot of funny stories. We had a few shots, and she excused herself for a cigarette, I joined her. She lit hers first, then passed me her lit match.

“So, you’re a funny guy,” Sarah said to me, coyly smiling. “I like that, so many people are so boring, you make me laugh, and that’s great.”

“Well, I just work with what you give me,” I replied. “That story about your night last weekend, how could I not poke fun at forgetting your sunglasses were hanging on your shirt?”

“Well, if you’re working with what I’ve got, I’m putting you to work,” Sarah said.

Her eyes narrowed for a second, she threw her cigarette aside. She grabbed mine out of my mouth, threw it away, and pressed herself up against me. My back was to the house, she pressed herself up against me, hard, and rubbed her thigh against my semi-erect cock. She pushed me up against the house quickly and easily. Clearly, Sarah was as fit or fitter than she had looked when I laid eyes on her.

“I like it tasting cigarettes on a guy’s breath,” she whispered to me, her mouth inches from my ear. “I like it a lot. I like you a lot too.” She grabbed my head with her hands, and thrust her tongue into my mouth. She was an outstanding kisser, her tongue explored my mouth, twisting around my own.

She and I sort of slid around the side of the house, out of the light and away from the door. She pushed me up against the house, again, this time thrusting one of her thighs between my legs, rubbing it up and down against my now fully erect cock.

“You’re pretty strong, Sarah. I’m impressed,” I said.

She stopped for a second, and smiled. “Yeah, I am pretty strong. I’ve played soccer and ran track my entire life. At about 13 or so, working out and lifting weights was just part of my life. I hope it’s OK. My muscles aren’t that big, but trust me, I’m a lot stronger than I look, and it freaks some guys out, they don’t like it. I’m not one of those girls who lifts weights to get strong and be really muscular. I like to play soccer and run track, and I’m strong because of it.”

This was music to my ears, I couldn’t believe it. I’ve always been attracted to stronger girls. I’m not super athletic, but I’m athletic enough, and I’ve always preferred a girl with a little meat on her bones. As we pressed each other against the house and made out, I got a better feel for Sarah’s body. It was quite a body to feel.

She wasn’t huge like a gymnast, but she was really strong. Her legs were solid, not that large, but as we rolled around, it was easy for her to move my entire body weight with her legs. They were hard as stone, and as I ran my hands down to her ass, I could have bounced quarters off of it, it was stiff, small, and perfectly shaped. Her arms were similar, not that large, but she had definite biceps and triceps. Her biceps were super hard, I squeezed them a bit, they didn’t budge, and she giggle between kisses. “I told you, they’re not that large, but they’re much stronger than they look.”

“No, your body is beautiful,” I said to her. “I’ve never been with anyone who’s so fit, but still so compact. Your legs are small, but they’re hard as stone, and strong as fuck.”

“Yeah they are, check these out too!” Sarah said. She lifted up her sweater and revealed a near perfect set of abs. “You could punch them, if you want, but only if you’re OK with a girl having abs that can take your punches. I promise you, you’re not going to hurt me.”

“I think I can handle that,” I said. “I’d like to see just how strong you are, Sarah. Do you want to go to this party?”

“Nope,” she said. “I want to go back to my apartment and show you how strong I am. Flex you biceps for me, big boy.”

I did as she asked. I’m not super athletic, as I’ve said, but I’m not in horrible shape by any means. I’m six feet tall, run semi-regularly, and am not a total stranger to the weight room. Yes, this girl Sarah clearly works out more than me, and her legs were probably as strong as mine, but whatever, I’m a guy. Sarah felt my arms, and smiled at me.

“I hope you are indeed comfortable with your manhood, honey, because my arms are much harder than yours. You’re going to meet defeat in bed, I hope you’re OK with that.”

“Um, that all remains to be seen, doesn’t it?” I said. “The whole losing part?”

“Yeah it does, but I think I know what I’m talking about,” she said. She smiled at me, and plunged her mouth into mine. As she kissed me, she pushed me up against the house with such force that it almost hurt. She pinned my arms to the house with hers, and her leg pushed up hard against my bluging and erect cock. She reached down, grabbed it, and gave it a good yank.

“Oh, this feels nice. I want it in me later, but not till we’ve had some fun,” she said. “Let’s go back to my place.”

We made out on the side of the house for another five minutes. I was amazed at how strongly her hands moved up and down my body. We took turns holding each other against the house, she pushing every bit as hard as I did. I was amazed. How did I walk into this almost random house, and end up against the outside of it, an hour later, with the most beautiful girl I’d seen the entire two months here?

I pressed my hands against her abs and thought about her telling me I could punch her. Her abs were solid and strongly, I could feel them contracting with each breath. I could feel the large slabs of muscle in her lats and back as well. Clearly, Sarah worked out, a lot, and it was pretty possible that I was going to go back to her place, and meet my superior.

After another minute or two, she grabbed my hand, giggle coyly, and lead us away, across campus, towards her apartment. We didn’t even say goodbye.

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