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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stephanie I

This is the first in a several chapter story about an encounter between my girlfriend's personal trainer Stephanie, and myself.

I was tired as I waited for Karen to come pick me up from the airport. She had called to say she was going to be a bit late, but she was a good twenty minutes later than she’d said, and hadn’t replied to the text I’d just sent her. It was getting darker, and fuck, I was tired. “Hey, Mark, over here!” a voice yelled from behind me. I turned around, and saw Stephanie, Karen’s trainer, waving her hand and walking towards me. “Mark, hey! Karen told you I was coming to get you, right? She’s running late, and my last client canceled, so I said I’d come and get you.” “Oh, hi Stephanie,” I said. “Karen didn’t tell me, but that’s fine. Let’s get back to her place, I’m tired.” “OK, sure Mark,” Stephanie said. “You’re tired. Let me grab your bags for you.”

Before I could say anything, Stephanie grabbed my checked bag with one hand and lifted it up. It was large, but it looked like it weighed 5# in her hands. God, she was so strong. Even fully clothed, I could see power in her body, as she moved her body exuded strength and power. Her arms were smaller than mine, obviously, but handled the bag with a smooth steadiness that I know my arms couldn’t muster, I could see the bump from her triceps, and her delts popped out of the tight shirt she was wearing. I hadn’t seen Stephanie other than the one time I had met her prior, but Karen always talked about her, about how intense and focused Stephanie was, and how much Karen wanted her body to be like Stephanie’s body. Karen said Stephanie had the perfect body; she was strong but not very large, “a pound for pound killer,” Karen had said, on more on than one occasion. I looked at Stephanie’s ass bouncing back and forth as she walked in front of me through the parking lot, and thought of it being Karen’s ass, bouncing in front of me, as she effortlessly carried my heavy bag to the car. My dick flickered a little at the thought.

We got back to her car; she had a new looking Acura Coupe. Her car was sleek, sexy, and looked powerful, just like she did. God, I needed to stop myself for a minute. “Nice car,” I said to her. She turned as she was putting the bag into the trunk, “yeah? Thanks. I like it a lot. It’s small, but it’s fast and strong. I like that a lot.” She smiled at me, and winked. It was kind of weird, like something I was supposed to get, but didn’t. “Come here and help me with this, Mark,” Stephanie said, “God, I have so much shit in the trunk, yuck.”

I walked back to the open trunk, and there wasn’t anything in it other than my bag and a gym bag. “What do you mea – “ I said, but was cut off by Stephanie. She grabbed me suddenly and pulled my waist towards hers. I instinctively tried to pull away, but she had me, and I wasn’t going anywhere. She ran one of her legs up along my leg, and stopped with her hard thigh against my hard cock. “Yeah, there it is,” she said to me, softly, looking at me the entire time. Her stare was intense. Her eyes never left mine the entire time she was grabbing me and groping me, like she knew exactly what she wanted to do, and was going to do it regardless of what I thought.

I knew I should have pulled away, but I didn’t. I was being held in place by the strongest woman I’d ever met in person, who was also my girlfriend’s personal trainer. I should have moved away, but was transfixed. Her dark curly hair was pulled back, but a few ringlets had escaped, and were hanging down in front of her face, making this combination of beautiful woman and intimidating muscle girl. God, it was intoxicating.

Stephanie pulled me in close to her. “We’re going back to Karen’s house now, Mark. You’ve got no say in this. It’s going to happen. I’m going to do what I want. You can’t stop me, you know this, and besides, do you really want to?” She looked up at me, and slid her hand down to my bulging cock. “Touch my leg as it comes up towards your buddy down there. Feel how hard it is, Mark. You’ll get plenty of chance in a bit, but for now, just feel how hard my leg is. Do it.” As I went down to touch her leg, she grabbed my head with her hand and pulled my head down to hers, kissing me aggressively for a few seconds. She bit my bottom lip as she let me go. “Hmm, that was nice. I want more, but for now we’re going home.”

Somehow I rocketed back to reality. “Stephanie wait a minute, we need to call Karen, what the hell just happened?” “No, Mark, we’re not doing any of that,” she said. “I’m here to get you, this is my car, I’m calling the shots. We’re going back to Karen’s. End of story. You don’t have a say in this, and even if you did, I’d kick your ass and do what I want to do anyway. You’re going to figure out pretty fast, Mark, that what a woman like me wants, a woman like me gets, whether it’s handed to her, or she takes it. I get what I want, and I’m going to teach Karen how to get the same things. Now, it’s your turn to shut up, and get in my car, we’re going back to Karen’s, we’re going to have fun, and you’re going to like it.”

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