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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sarah - Part 2

Part two of an encounter with the wonderfully strong Sarah

Sarah and I walked quickly across campus. Luckily, campus was only a few square blocks. I knew I had chosen the small liberal arts school for a reason. As we got about halfway across campus, we were close to the old dorm building. Sarah grabbed my arm.

“Hey, here, here, let’s go over here,” she said, and pulled me towards the side of the building. There was a small line of trees or shrubs along the side of the dorm, with a space a couple feet wide, between the shrubs and the walls of the dorm. We stood up against the wall, her back to the wall, face to face. I could feel her warm breath on my neck, she was breathing slowly, but deeply. Being a few inches taller than the girl is great.

“So, this is your place?” I asked.

“Yeah, I hope you like the plants!” she giggled. “Sorry if it’s a little chilly, the heater must be broken.”

I smiled at her, and thrust my tongue into her mouth. She eagerly accepted, and grabbed the crotch of my pants, rubbing her hands against my junk, slowly. She put one hand behind my back and pulled me closer to her. I wrapped my hands around her head and continued kissing her.

“Hmmmmm.” Sarah moaned loudly. It was really sexy. We kept kissing. She grabbed my back tightly, and wrapped one of her legs around mine. She moved her leg back, and picked mine up off the ground. She pulled me against her, and started to kneel down.

“Don’t you worry, tough guy,” she whispered to me. “I’ve got you, you’re not falling, just kneel down backwards.”

She was easily able to control me as we went down to the ground. She was really strong, it was so hot. My cock was bulging in my pants. She straddled me, and put her hands on my shoulders. She began rubbing her crotch against mine, harder and harder, until she was almost pushing me into the ground. She pressed her hands into my shoulders.

“OK, part one of you meeting your match,” Sarah said, smiling at me. “You think you’re tough, big guy? Get away from under me.”

Her hands were pressed against my shoulders, and her hips were on mine. I could feel her hard legs on top of mine, and I very clearly remember how hard her biceps were five minutes ago. I pushed my arms off the ground. Sarah smiled at me, and pushed my arms up so they were horizontal with my shoulders, so I couldn’t reach her arms.

She leaned in close to my face. “Is that it?” she whispered to me, her warm breath condensing in the cold fall air. She kissed me deeply, for a second, then pulled away. “Come on, try again.”

I smiled at her, and threw my hips up against hers. She was taken off guard for a half second, then pressed back with her legs. She leaned into me again, and squeezed my legs with hers. Sarah’s legs were like clamps, they were so hard. There wasn’t anything I could do, she had me. I was so turned on I almost came in my pants. This was so hot, it was unreal. This girl was gorgeous, funny, and strong as hell. She leaned into me and kissed my ear. “Hmmm, see what I mean, big guy? I’m a little bit stronger than your average girl, huh? I will admit though, I did kinda land on top of you, I’m SURE you’d have totally taken me otherwise.” She giggled a little bit at her last comment. “It’s OK though, you’ll have a chance to redeem yourself in a second.” She let go of my arms and ran her hands down to either side of my face. She was laying on top of me, pressed right up against me. I could feel her breasts pressing against me. Her face was inches from mine, her breath was condensing on my face.

“Stop talking,” I said. I grabbed her head and pulled her mouth into mine. She pressed her hands against either side of my head. We made out on the side of the building for what seemed like an eternity. It was probably only a few minutes, but it seemed like forever. We rolled around, back and forth over the shrubs. She rolled me over as easily as I rolled her over, her legs were so strong, and she knew how to use her bodyweight, almost like a wrestler.

Sarah stopped kissing me, and began to nibble on my ear, slowly, breathing heavily and deeply into my ear. It was so fucking hot. This woman was so hot. I was in disbelief. I was against the side of a dorm, rolling around in the dirt with this gorgeous, strong woman. Sarah kept breathing in my ear, then looked at me, and grabbed my crotch.

“Alright,” she said. “I want you inside me. Let’s go. You’re going to make me scream, then I’m going to fuck you until you can’t see straight.” We got up, brushed the dirt and leaves off of each other, and began walking quickly towards Sarah’s apartment. My dick was so hard it hurt.

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