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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I’ve been working too much lately, I don’t get to see my girlfriend nearly as often as I’d like to, and we have sex even less often than that. I’ve got a rather high libido and managed to find someone who’s my idealized woman. She works hard, is very smart, cares about her friends, and cares about herself. She’s blessed with curly hair, full lips, long legs, and big boobs, the kind of boobs that stay big no matter how fit she is, she’s just lucky.

And holy shit is she fit. If she had her way she’d exercise 7 days a week, has felt like this for years, and it shows. She was never a competitive swimmer, but should have been; she has naturally broad shoulders, long arms, narrow hips, and very long, lean legs. For being 5’7”, her upper body looks and is noticeably stronger than the average woman. Her pecs are visible if she wears a plunging shirt, but her front delts stand out in clear detail, she has lats that put men to shame, can pull down half her bodyweight with ease, and a wide back that ripples with definition. Her arms aren’t huge but that’s only because they’re long, if there were the length of an average 5’7” woman, they’d be much larger.

All these features are things that women typically don’t have, which alone is so attractive it’s hard to look at her back without becoming aroused. With her dedication to the gym, it’s impossible. She carries nearly all of the minor amount of fat on her chest, in her boobs and midsection. She hate this but I love it, her abs don’t stand out, but they’re a brick wall. She brags often about taking difficult HIIT classes at the gym, then winning plank contests with times in excess of five minutes. I’m not a slouch but she’s got me twice over, easy.

Her legs are lean and slender, and much, much stronger than they look. Similar to her arms, if they weren’t so long, they’d be huge. As it is, they’re lean and muscular, and super hard, even when she’s not flexing them. She has a gorgeous, tiny ass, with just enough bump to stand out. Just like her legs, rock hard.

From a pretty young age, I’ve loved athletic women. It’s not easy to be in good shape, it takes time and effort, and that’s sexy and respectable. Women are supposed to be soft, when they’re not, it’s a amazing. There is nothing sexier on earth than a woman who can push back, and kick ass. A lot of this is about body, but equally about personality, some people are dominate, others are submissive, and some people like being dominated in bed, and others like to dominate. It’s hard to find the perfect combination.

I joked with her today about wanting to come home and find her naked in bed, waiting for me. I do this often and it never pans out. I figure I’ll get lucky one day, but it never really pans out. I managed to get off on time, and skipped the gym myself, I’ve been working all weekend and need a break. I get home and call her name, I hear her voice coming from the bedroom.

She is laying in bed as she said she would be, with a half open window in the corner, just enough light to see what you need to see. I tell her I’m surprised to see her.

“I thought you might be,” she said. “We haven’t seen each other much lately, I thought about what you said, and realized that I wanted you as much as you wanted me.”

My eye glimmers and I begin to remove my clothes, quickly.

“Do it slowly, I want to see you undress,” she whispers. “I got waxed today, took my normal HIIT class, then did legs. My body is exhausted, tight, and hard. I need you to massage most of me before I make you scream. You’re going to like doing that.”

I finish undressing, get some oil, and rub her down, starting with her back and shoulders, moving toward her legs. I have strong hands and know how to get between muscles, which hurts, but she likes. As with everytime I do this, I develop a raging hardon almost immediately. Her entire body is taut and hard; her entire back is thick due to her class, her arms and chest are pumped, and her legs are like granite.

“Class was hard today, we had to do pushups to failure 4 times, I managed 40, twice. Then we flipped tires and did wall to wall sprints. I won all the sprints, duh. Then I went and did legs, with squats, pistol squats, lunges, and leg press. I’m getting really close to being able to squat a plate for all three sets. I’d say come spot me but you’ll probably get kicked out for exposing yourself in public.”

She’s completely right. There are few things on earth as lovely as going to the gym with her, watching my girl walk around needing no direction, and making guys look bad with squats and back work. I keep rubbing her legs, suddenly she slides out from under me, slips over me, straddles me, and looks me right in the eye.

“I’m done with the rubdown for now. But I want you to look at me. Does rubbing my back and legs feel good? Do you like it? Does it turn you on?”

“You know it turns me on, baby.”

“Good, that’s what I want, to turn you on. I want you to touch my bicep right now.”

She flexes her right bicep, it’s solid like a brick. Not incredibly visible, but that only adds to how hot it is, this not quite there piece of steel on her arm.

“Is that sexy? How sexy? Tell me how sexy my arms are, I want to hear you say how much you love touching your girls hard, muscular arms.”

“They’re the hottest arms I’ve ever seen, baby. You’re going to make me blow if you keep this up.”

The expression on her face changed immediately. “No, I’m not. You’re going to control yourself until I tell you to climax. I’m the boss, not you. Keep yourself under control. Don’t test me, you feel how hard and strong I am. Don’t fucking test me.

Now I want you to look at me and tell me how hot you’re getting, how much my muscles turn you on when I flex for you.” She lifted her other arm and flexed both biceps at once. Her entire upper body stood out, her boobs jumped up off her chest slightly when her pecs tightened, her shoulders popped out, and her biceps and triceps rolled up on her arm.

“Yeah, the look on your face, that’s what I want. Look at me, I know what you like and this is what you like. Look at me and think about how lucky you are to have a girl with a body like this. Now touch my arms, try and pull them down, see how far you get.”

It’s an awkward position, but even if it weren’t I’d have a hard time moving her arms. They aren’t that large, but they’re like steel. She looks at me and smiles. “Your arms are bigger than mine, you can bench more than me, but here you are, unable to pull your whittle girls arms down. Because I work out all the time, my muscles are dense, and I’ve got so much more stamina than you, keep this up, you’ll get tired, I’ll be right here, smiling at you. Dont’ fuck with me, because I’ll win, everytime.”

“Yes, you will, baby. It’s so hot, I love it.”

“I know you love it. I know you love strong women. Now I want you to put me on my back and fuck me like an animal.”

I comply readily, pushing her backwards and pinning her legs between mine. I’m rock hard as well, and she’s obviously turned on, because I slide right into her. She refuses to use birth control, but that’s almost better, condoms prolong the experience. Now it’s my turn. I pump back and forth hard and fast, pushing her backward and down against the bed. I put my head next to her ear. I tell her to touch herself, I tell her this is what she wants. I don’t ask her, I tell her. She climaxes pretty quickly, her pussy is like a vice grip from all the ab work she does, the contractions are incredibly strong.

She finishes her orgasm, and her expression changes, again. She narrows her eyes, and her top lip curls a little on her left side.

“Now it’s my turn. I’m going to make you cum for me, but not until I’m ready. Until then I’m going to torture you with sex,” she says, smiling wickedly.

She’s on her back, but is still in control. She tightens herself around me, squeezing in a rhythm that matches my thrusting. “You feel that, you feel how strong I am, down there? I could do that all day. Tell me how much you like that, tell me how much you like my strong pussy.”

“God, baby, it’s the best. It’s so tight, it’s so strong. You’ll push me out if you’re not careful.”

“Oh I better not, that’s up to you to make sure I don’t,” she replies. She stops squeezing me as hard, and wraps her legs around me. “Tell me how much you love it when I squeeze your body with my legs. You’re a legs guy, tell me my legs are strong. Tell me how strong my legs are, I work harder on my legs than anything else and I need you to tell me how sexy they are.”

“You’re going to make me come if you keep this up, ba-” I say, but she cuts me off.

“I didn’t fucking tell you to talk to me about how turned on you are, I told you to flatter my legs. Do it, tell me how sexy I am, worship my legs. DO IT NOW.”

There is nothing hotter than a woman who can push back, and demands what she wants.

“You’re the queen, I’ll do anything you say, baby.”

She smiles fiendishly. “I know you will, that’s what I love about you in bed. You’re mine. Now I want you to cum. I want you to look at me,” she says, looking me dead in the eye.

“Look at my arms, I’m flexing for you. Tell me how good it is, tell me how hard they are. Tell me how much you love my arms and my chest. LICK THEM RIGHT NOW.”

I do what she says instantly. My tongue can feel how hard her body is, it quivers as it runs over her rock hard biceps and triceps. I move my head up and do the same thing as before, I try and push her arms down but I can’t, the angle is bad, and she’s too strong. She laughs slightly.

“Good, you did that again. You can’t push them down, you know you can’t. I’m too strong, even after taking a hard class. I did over 100 pushups today thinking about how pumped up I was going to be and how I could control you with it.

Now, it’s time. Look at me, look at my arms, look me in the eye. Cum for me, I’m flexing for you, cum for me.”

About three seconds later I explode into her. I am the luckiest person on earth.

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